Bodog Billionth Hand Blackjack

While many of the major online poker rooms have dealt their billionth hand of poker, a popular & poker room is hitting a milestone not yet reached by other sites – the billionth hand of online blackjack.

Such a milestone won’t go unnoticed by the site – it’s offering a few special promotions in order to ramp up interest in that billionth hand before it’s dealt.

From now and until that hand is dealt, Bodog is offering any player who gets a perfect blackjack hand the opportunity to enter the billionaire’s experience giveaway. Two lucky players will win the billionaire’s experience, which includes either a vacation on a private island in Fiji or an exciting trip to the 2011 Monaco Grand Prix.

In addition, Bodog will give $1,000 to every player who plays one of the millionth milestone hands. In addition to the other entries players can get into the contest, each player who wins $1,000 in a millionth hand will also be entered into the billionaire’s giveaway.

The more players visit Bodog Casino and play blackjack, the more chances they have to win an entry into the contest. Bodog officials say they expect the billionth hand to be dealt by the end of February.