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Norway Expected to Legalize Online Poker after Impact Study

The Norwegian government is moving towards licensing offshore online gaming providers. They want to better understand the impact before deliberating the legislation. The parliamentary Culture Committee has been charged with conducting a new study to understand the impact.

Norway is under considerable pressure from gaming advocates and governments in other EU countries to liberalize its online gaming laws. Many countries argue that the country’s online gambling laws violate EU free trade treaties. Lawmakers agree that the laws should be modified, but want to proceed carefully and create a sensible legislative framework.

Svein Harberg, the Chairman of the Culture Committee, said that Parliament should understand all implications before moving forward. He said that the best approach is to evaluate existing regulations in other jurisdictions. Harberg and his staff are researching legislation in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

There are currently two online gaming providers in Norway. The newly elected government felt that the existing system is flawed and inefficient. They feel that additional competition would address some of the problems they created. They are trying to encourage additional domestic gaming providers to seek licenses, but believe foreign competition would also be beneficial.

Existing research suggests that expanding online poker won’t bring many social problems to the country. A recent study from the Norwegian Lotteries and Gaming Authority states that poker is a low risk activity. The Culture Committee’s follow-up research is expected to show opening the market to offshore gaming providers would be unlikely to lead to any problems. However, Harberg and the rest of the Committee want to complete an objective study before making any statements to that effect.

Oregon Takes Cautious Stance on Online Gambling

Oregon lawmakers are open to the possibility of legalizing online gambling. However, they have been hesitant to introduce a new bill. They feel that they should pay close attention to developments in other states that have legalized Internet gambling before passing their own bill.

One of the biggest reasons lawmakers are cautious about legalizing online gambling is that they fear it will create a new class of problem gamblers. They already feel that gambling addictions are highly prevalent in the state. They have introduced two new bills that would force the Lottery to promote awareness of gambling addictions and encourage problem gamblers to get help.

Online gambling proponents across the country have consistently argued that online gambling could actually help players with gambling addictions. They have pointed out that many players are already gambling online on unregulated websites. On the other hand, critics of online gambling legislation have stated that more players would begin gambling if it was legalized.

Objective observers feel that there is some credibility to both arguments. They have stated that online gambling could either alleviate the state’s gambling problems or open up Pandora’s Box. Lawmakers feel that the wisest decision is to wait to see what happens in other states first.

Concerns about problem gamblers aren’t the only reason that Oregon has been hesitant to pursue online gambling legislation. The state actually tried to create an online gambling portal before. It invested tens of thousands of dollars and months of man hours building ORcade. The project was abandoned when the Lottery heard concerns that it could be targeting underage gamblers.

Lawmakers are adamant that any online gambling legislation will need to be targeted to adults. They have stated that online gaming providers will need to verify ages of any players before allowing them to access the site.

Republican Party Backs Ban on Online Poker

The Republican Party held its national convention in Florida early last week. Party leaders have stated that they are adamantly opposed to legalizing online poker. After fighting online gaming bills at the federal and state levels for the past several years, many GOP members intend to ban online poker from the United States altogether.

The GOP party has drafted a proposal that would effectively ban online gaming in the United States. The document they have written is over 50 pages long and said that online gaming threatens the sanctity of the American Dream.

GOP leaders said that online gambling threatens the safety of American families. They argue that millions of Americans have developed gambling problems that drain their savings and lead to broken families. The document said that opening the door to online gaming would be a huge liability.

Republican lawmakers were discouraged when the clause pertaining to online gaming in the Wire Act was repealed last year. They hope to pass a new law that would ban all forms of online gaming, including poker.

The Poker Players Alliance realizes that the GOP is going to be a major hurdle it will need to overcome. They considered the DOJ decision last December to be a major victory, but are concerned that a Republican president may take new measures to eliminate online gaming. That fear is not unfounded, because presidential candidate Mitt Romney has openly stated that he is opposed to all forms of online gaming.

The poker industry has realized that it will be difficult to pass a bill that would legalize online gaming. Although the odds still appear to be stacked in their favor, they are likely to face a longer road to regulation if Romney wins the November election.

Big Fish Gambling Brings Real Money Gambling to iPhone

Zynga and other social gaming sites have started developing real money opportunities for Facebook and other social networking sites. Although these applications have not been fully developed, they are expected to become popular. Big Fish has launched a new iPhone application that will allow fans to gamble for real money.

Big Fish Casino will be available in the App Store, the first of its kind. Users will be able to use the application on Betable, a real money social gaming site. Big Fish has helped Betable develop the mobile application for iPhone users.

Betable went into beta launch in July. In that time, they have been able to secure millions of dollars in funding from powerful investors including David Morin and Crunchfund. The introduction of Big Fish Casino is likely to make the firm more attractive to potential investors if it launches an IPO.

The application will initially be targeted towards UK users. However, the firm is hoping that the United States will pass bills that will legalize online gaming in the coming months. In the meantime, U.S. will still be able to participate in Betable’s mobile platform. They won’t be allowed to exchange real money, but they will be able to play for virtual gifts and points.

Big Fish and Betable anticipate that the application will be highly successful. However, they have a few challenges to overcome. One of the problems they will have to address is developing a solution to handle billing. An Apple spokesman has said that the company is willing to allow applications that provide online gaming for real money. However, Apple will not allow an application that will allow Betable to bill its users.

Ladbrokes Casino Offers Progressive Slots Promo

During the month of September, Ladbrokes Casino players may find themselves able to win a ?5 bonus if a progressive slot machine jackpot is won by a Ladbrokes Casino customer.

A Power Progressive promo is operating at the Ladbrokes Casino between the dates 6th and 30th September. This promotion can provide you with a ?5 bonus in the event that a Ladbrokes Casino gamer wins a progressive jackpot during the promotional period and providing the relevant conditions and requirements are fulfilled.

Basically, you need to be playing at progressive jackpot games at the Ladbrokes Casino to qualify. Then if a progressive jackpot is won by a Ladbrokes Casino player, all gamers that played this particular game on the previous day to the win may benefit from a ?5 bonus. This bonus would be credited to the accounts of any eligible players within 48 hours.

Whether you prefer to play Major Millions, Cash Splash or Wow Pot, you are sure to find something attractive in the extensive selection of progressive games at the Ladbrokes Casino. At the time of writing the Mega Moolah Isis progressive boasts an incredible jackpot of ?3,292,015. What are you waiting for? You could have the chance to win and don’t forget that if someone else from the Ladbrokes Casino wins at a progressive during this promotion, you may be able to earn a ?5 bonus!

The Ladbrokes Casino is an attractive online gaming site that offers a wide selection of entertainment. With a huge range of more than 500 games, you are sure to find something to your liking at this site. Whether you like to play slots, blackjack, roulette or poker, all these games and a whole lot more may be easily found at this site!

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Rushmore Casino Slots Tournament

The long wait is over, RTG casino software are launching slots tournaments. The first casino to run a slots tournament is Rushmore Casino.

They will be running a free $10k slots tournament this weekend. The slot tournaments start on Friday and will end on Sunday May 23rd. They are currently registering slots players with 500 seats available and they will be given to the first players to sign up.

This is a huge promotion with no risk and $10k worth of prizes given out to players! There is absolutely no buy-in fee and it is a great chance to play slots tournaments on rtg casino software.

There will be more slot tournament announcements shortly but we suggest players register asap to play in the free promo because of the limited space. Slot Tournaments are becoming very popular with only 1 buy-in and players are then left to accumulate the most money in a set amount of time at a particular slot machine. It’s that easy!

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Are you an Apple Line Legend?

We know this is a casino blog, but we just had to write something about the Apple iPad, which comes out on Saturday since every other blog is doing it.

On Wednesday, one man decided he was going to be first in line for the iPad and began waiting outside the Apple NYC store (he was also first in line for the iPhone). We then thought about what goes into being a line legend of apple products. So we made a flow chart for people aspiring to be #1.

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First In Line Flow Chart

Atlantic City Revenue Drops

Perhaps due in part to the increasing popularity of and partly due to the lingering recession, New Jersey gaming revenues were down a substantial 13.2 percent in 2009.

According to figures released by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, the Atlantic City casinos brought in nearly $4 million in 2009, and while that figure looks good, officials say it shows a substantial drop in gaming revenues throughout the region.

“Casinos continued to suffer in 2009,” said Linda Kassekert, Casino Control Commission chairperson.

The commission reported that slot machine play dropped 13.1 percent in 2009 to $2.72 billion in revenues, while table games dropped 13.5 percent, to $1.22 billion in revenue.

Though revenues are down, Kassekert is optimistic about the potential Atlantic City has to draw in more revenue in the future.

“Atlantic City has a lot to offer visitors in addition to gambling,” she said. “When the economy improves and people have more money to spend on entertainment…”

In recent months, Atlantic City has hosted a number of events that have drawn a good deal of interest and, likely, money to the region. These included a stop by the World Series of Poker in December. The WSOP will return again in March.

Vegas Hotels See Boost in 2010

Las Vegas likely got a boost this New Year’s Eve and over the weekend, thanks partly to the improving economy and partly due to the holiday falling on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday as it did last year.

According to the Casino City Times and Las Vegas Journal, occupancy of hotel rooms was expected to be up as much as 4 percent over last year, even with higher room rates.

Caesar’s Palace President Gary Selesner told Casino City Times that he believes the increase is due to the perception people have that the economy is improving.

As proof that people are more interested in spending some money this New Year’s, Selesner said, Caesar’s Palace was sold out for the New Year’s weekend, even thought the room rates are a bit higher than they were last year.

Selesner said that Harrah’s Entertainment – which owns Caesars and another seven hotels in Las Vegas – expected to have all rooms at the hotels sold out for the weekend.

Other strip hotels are reporting similar trends. The president of MGM Grand reported that nearly all the hotel’s rooms were booked and at rates slightly higher than last year. Planet Hollywood Resort is charging about 20 percent more for rooms than it did in 2008, said Bill Feather, PH’s Hotels & Resorts Worldwide president.

“We are seeing much more pressure for New Year’s Eve this year than we saw last year,” Feather said. “Knock on wood, everything’s great.”