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Congress Grants Third Congressional Hearing over Online Poker

The Senate Committee of Indian Affairs is scheduled to hear another hearing on February 9. Although Congress has held two other hearings on online gambling in recent months, this one is going to focus on how the impact that the Justice Department’s new stance on online gambling will have on Native American tribes.

Many proponents of were elated over Congress’s new interpretation of the Wire Fraud Act and how it related to online poker. However, not everyone is as optimistic about it. Native Americans may be the biggest opponents to online gambling.

Ernst Stevens is the Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Association. Stevens outlined a number of concerns on how online gambling will affect Native American tribes. He also outlined several solutions to ensure that Native Americans are not harmed by new regulations.

First and foremost, Stevens argues that Native American tribes should not be subject to taxation. He also proposed that they be allowed to operate online gaming sites in any jurisdiction and be protected under existing laws under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Poker Player Alliance Chairman Alfonse D’Amato has made it clear that the PPA supports Native American rights. D’Amato proposed a number of solutions that would be in the best interest of all groups. Additionally, he mentioned that online poker was not the biggest threat to Native American casinos. D’Amato said that existing forms of gambling such at state lotteries may be a bigger concern for tribal casinos.

Despite these developments, Darold Stagner, Executive Director of the Native American Fair Commerce Coalition, has argued that they are not enough. Stagner mentioned that the bill takes away some of the regulatory rights away from the National Indian Gaming Commission. Also, the aspect of the bill exempting Native Americans from income taxes is unnecessary, because tribes are already exempt from federal income taxes.

Maine Casinos Approve Blackjack Table Game Program

It would appear that prospects are looking up for blackjack players in the US and several states are adding to their casino offerings. The past year has seen many new casinos mushroom all across the US and recent news reports reveal that the existing casinos have also started improving their casino gaming experience.

Players who like table games like blackjack and poker, along with those gamblers who like playing slots are sure to find more than enough table games at the casinos in Pennsylvania and Atlantic City. However, the state of Maine is also looking to catch up to this trend and has been improving its casino offerings as a result.

The Gambling Control Board in Maine is planning to approve a new training course for blackjack and table game dealers in the Eastern Maine Community College. This will be done in preparation for the extra table games that are scheduled to be added to 1 of the region’s most prominent casinos.

The Hollywood Slots Casino will be adding around 14 table games to its offerings which include blackjack, poker, roulette and craps tables. A new casino that is currently under construction in Oxford will open this year with plenty of table games to offer.

Google Indoor Maps Help Players to Find Their Way Around Casinos

Blackjack players will have plenty to be excited about once they hear about the latest updates to the CES Google Maps software.

As of now, blackjack players are enjoying several advantages and are getting to play online blackjack and live dealer blackjack games on their personal computers from the comforts of their own homes. In addition to this, blackjack players also get to play their favorite game on the move with several popular online casinos offering mobile blackjack gaming platforms.

For those blackjack players who would like to access a genuine and authentic blackjack game in a brick and mortar casino, the new updated CES Google Maps will prove to be quite the boon. The new Maps have now been outfitted with features that will allow them to provide blackjack players and casino gamblers with the locations of blackjack casinos as well as the directions on how to get there.

Some of the popular casinos that players will find listed on the CES Google Maps software include places like The Palazzo, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, The Venetian and Bellagio. Players will also be able to locate other interesting places of note in the Las Vegas area like the Las Vegas Convention Center and so o

Great Benefits to Join Ladbrokes Casino

There are presently great offers up for grabs for players that decide that they would like to join the Ladbrokes Casino. At this attractive gaming site, like at many , newcomers may take advantage of a first deposit bonus. However, at the Ladbrokes Casino, new players may benefit from an attractive first deposit bonus and also a cool 2nd deposit benefit.

Players that sign up at the Ladbrokes Casino by 31st January 2012 may enjoy a 100% match bonus following a first deposit at the site. This bonus may be collected between the amounts of ?5 and ?500!

In addition, the Ladbrokes Casino has recently implemented a fresh and exciting benefit for new players. Once a new player has registered and taken advantage of the first deposit match bonus offer, an additional offer awaits following the second deposit. This 2nd deposit offer involves the amazing benefit of 40 free spins at the thrilling slot game Immortal Romance.

In order to enjoy this 2nd deposit offer at Microgaming’s recently released slot Immortal Romance, new players need to make a deposit of a minimum of ?50 and then turnover this amount or above on the player’s choice of entertainment at the Ladbrokes Casino. It is important to take into consideration that the 2nd deposit is required to be made within seven days of the 1st deposit.

Please do pay attention to the details and terms of this promotion as it would be a shame to miss out due to a simple misunderstanding.

If you have not yet become a member at the Ladbrokes Casino, now is a great time to do so as fantastic benefits are waiting. Check out the welcome bonuses currently available for new players at the Ladbrokes Casino!

Bodog Introduces Super Six Baccarat Game to Its Live Dealer Casino

Bodog, one of the top online gaming brands in the industry, recently announced a pioneering move. The Casino made a decision to introduce an online version of Super Six Baccarat, which is one of the most popular new land based games currently being played on casino floors in Asia.

The Super Six Baccarat game will be introduced on Bodog88, the Bodog live dealer casino site and it is expected to do very well with players on account of the fact that the game is simple in comparison to standard Baccarat.

Robert Gustafsson, the Managing Director of Bodog88 discussed his opinions on the latest development. “Carving out something unique in the cluttered world of online casino is very difficult but with our new live dealer studio we can quickly react to the needs and wants of casino players. Any new trend can be immediately introduced which we hope will make Bodog88 the most dynamic online casino out there,” he said.

The game of Super Six Baccarat has been built to award an Evens (1/1) win to the Banker if he gets any point total with exception to 6. However, a win on a 6 however, will give the banker a payout of 0.5/1.

AC Casinos Add More Table Games and Alcohol to Gambling Experience

Casinos in Atlantic City are preparing to draw in more players and take advantage of the changes in gambling policy in the US. The gaming authorities in New Jersey have allowed the casinos in the area to add to their gambling offerings by introducing new table games, blackjack games and also permitting these casinos to sell alcohol in the casino shops.

Several casinos in the US including Harrah’s Casino are introducing blackjack tables near the swimming pool and AC casinos are also ramping up their offerings. For instance, the Golden Nugget casino is now providing its players bar-top video poker games; players will also be able to access traditional blackjack games and roulette in a brand new lounge called the Rush Lounge.

Don Marrandino, President of Caesars Entertainment, which controls Harrah’s Casino, commented on the issue. “It’s combining casino gambling and the nightclub atmosphere. It’s a fun atmosphere. We’re really pleased with how it’s working out,” he said. Marrandino also mentioned that the casino had plans to add more poolside games.

Harrah’s Casino has decided to add 6 more blackjack tables and some dancer cages for entertainment.

Golden Nugget Casino will be allowed to serve free alcohol to its members and also sell alcohol to them. How this will alter the gambling habits of casino enthusiasts remains to be seen.

Blackjack Site Releases Mobile Casino Survey

A recently released a report on a survey done on mobile casinos. The site also claimed that the year 2012 would probably focus on mobile casinos and be the “year of mobile casinos.” As per standard practice, the site hosted a discussion on mobile and online blackjack games and gave out information on their survey.

One of the predictions made by the site was that blackjack players can look forward to an exciting array of mobile blackjack games that gaming software providers are likely to release over the course of the New Year.

Danny Loys, a mobile blackjack player and roulette enthusiast from Europe, commented on the site’s announcement. “I try to make it to this celebration of both online and mobile blackjack every year, because there is something for everybody here and I have yet to see anyone leave here disappointed,” he said.

According to the survey, blackjack players who used mobile casinos and played such games expressed a desire to have some of the classic video games like Superman and Pacman reintroduced as mobile games.

Alex Nevsky, a senior tech reporter saw this in a positive light. “Mobile casino gamers have realized that unlike online casinos, the limitations of the screen size prevents too many bells and whistles; and there are only so many reels you can squeeze into a mobile screen without requiring a microscope,” he explained.

U.S. Digital Gaming Lobbying in Hawaii

As the executive vice president of U.S. Digital Gaming, Melissa Riahei is focused on the opportunities offered by online poker. Riahei has made it a priority to advocate for the legalization of online poker in Hawaii. She has spent the last week visiting lawmakers in Hawaii to discuss potential ideas for legalizing the industry.

U.S. Digital is a California based company, but sees a potentially strong market in the state of Hawaii. As she speaks with lawmakers in Honolulu, Riahei is determined to convince them of the benefits of legalizing online poker.

Although regulating the industry in Hawaii would create a great market for U.S. Digital and other gaming companies, Riahei is centering her selling points on the benefits to the state itself. She has pointed out that legalizing online poker could bring in substantial tax revenues to the state. These revenues could be used to fund essential services for the state.

Riahei completed a power point presentation to lawmakers. This presentation showed that by the end of the first year, the state would retain $2.5 million in profits from legalizing online poker. After five years, the state would be accumulating nearly $80 million in revenue.

Riahei is telling lawmakers about the different proposals of other states across the country. She is discussing the reasons other states are considering regulating online poker and why Hawaii should consider doing the same.

However, lawmakers in Hawaii share the concerns of many of their colleagues in other states. Many are concerned that legalizing online poker would create a number of potential problems for the state. Many bills have been proposed to legalize other forms of gambling in recent years, but they have failed to make their way through the state house.

Sen. Kim has supported idea to place video and slot machines in the state. However, even Kim has concerns over allowing gambling to take place across the Internet.

The state of Hawaii faces a number of financial problems. However, lawmakers haven’t budged on their position not to support gambling. Nevertheless, Riahei continues to move forward with her presentations and hopes she can encourage politicians to look towards online gambling as a new source of revenue and the advantages it can provide for Hawaii’s citizens.

Sample Blackjack Game for the XBox 360 and Windows PCs and Phones Is Released

Blackjack players who are looking for something interesting will enjoy the latest sample blackjack game that has been released. This blackjack game can be used on a Windows PC or even on gaming platforms like the XBox 360. What’s more, the blackjack game which is now being released as an option for the Windows Phone.

Players who use the sample will find that it is a fully-functional Blackjack card game that uses great animation graphics, sound effects and runs on an extendable card game framework.

Players who get the game will find a Card Game Starter Kit that players can use to set up their game and play it. What’s more, avid blackjack players will be able to use the sample to create new functionality that includes managing the updating and loading of screens and handling their transitions. Players will also be able to customize the animation and in-game objects and graphics.

The game uses basic and simple game logic which will make it easy to play. As soon as the game is started, all the phases in the gameplay will be managed by a state machine inside the game.

In terms of graphics and game components, the game will have enough built-in features to provide an interesting gaming experience.

Blackjack Comedy Tour Makings Its Way across Canada

The Blackjack Comedy Tour, which involves noted stand up comedians Matt Billon and Mike MacDonald has been slowly making its way through Canada. The show is made up of 21 stops, a number chosen in homage to the game blackjack also known as vingt-et-un or 21. The purpose of the tour is to take stand up comedy and live entertainment to places in Canada that do not always get it.

It is interesting to note that the game of blackjack has seeped into non-gaming sectors. From movies about blackjack, to online blackjack games to blackjack these slots and lately, blackjack based plays, the game has moved to the comedy sector. And although, the show itself did not promote blackjack but comedy instead, few present would have gone home without understanding the point of blackjack and 21. The Blackjack Comedy Tour will have made a total of 21 stops, giving Western Canada 21 nights of 21 shows.

So far, the two comedians Matt Billon and Mike MacDonald have been visiting several towns in Canada’s western regions. They have covered Portage, where they met with particular success.

MacDonald, is a bit of a celebrity and has appeared on several TV shows like Just for Laughs, Late Night with David Letterman and Comedy Central’s The A List. On the other hand, Matt Billon is lesser known having performed in the Great Canadian Laugh Off 2007 and the Just for Laughs Festival.