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Look Out for Prizes at Ladbrokes Casino Live Draw!

This month the Ladbrokes Casino is hosting a Live Prize Draw for its real money players. If you are a live casino gaming enthusiast don’t miss out on this one! There are cash prizes worth a total of ?3,000 to be won in this prize draw.

One of the great things about this prize draw is that not only does the action involve live casino gaming but the raffle itself takes place live! First of all, this promo is intended for players at the Ladbrokes Casino live dealer tables. In order to earn an entry to the raffle, players are required to turnover ?500 or more at the Live Dealer Casino during the days of the promotion. The promo is running at the Ladbrokes Casino from 1st February through to 23rd February 2012.

Qualifying players will be sent the number of a raffle ticket by e-mail on 23rd February for the raffle which will be held live at the Ladbrokes Blackjack table 2 on 26th February. This live raffle will take place at about 4:50pm during the half time of the football Carling Cup Final between Cardiff and Liverpool.

The prizes are certainly worth a mention! The raffle ticket to be drawn first will produce winnings of ?1,500! The second ticket drawn will provide a prize of ?800 and third prize is ?500. If you are not selected as one of the three top prizes in this live draw, you may still have the chance to be drawn as one of the 20 runners-up after the live draw and these will each win a prize of ?10.

Get ready to enjoy the live action at the Ladbrokes Casino and you could be the winner of a hot prize at the live draw!

Romance at Ladbrokes Casino This February

This month, players at the Ladbrokes Casino may become romantics, enjoy the Immortal Romance slot and take advantage of a 10% daily cash back bonus offer.

A special Immortal Romance promo is running at the Ladbrokes Casino. This promotion involves the chance to claim a 10% daily cash back on losses at the Immortal Romance slot game. As to how you may benefit from this offer, well first of all, you do need to be a real money casino player at the Ladbrokes Casino. It is necessary to opt in to this promotion during the promotional period. Players are required to deposit and then spend at least ?50 at the fun Immortal Romance pursuit on a day during the promo. The cash back offer applies to losses at Immortal Romance on a single day, that total a minimum of ?50.

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Online Poker Misses Inclusion in Payroll Tax Cuts

Senator Harry Reid attempted to include online poker in the federal payroll tax extension bill. The gaming industry was hopeful that it would go through. This provision would have paved the way for regulation of online poker.

However, the bill was already under heavy criticism. House Speaker Boehner stated that he believed the bill should be passed but was skeptical of the value it would bring for the economy. Reid was already facing challenges getting the bill through the House, so he was forced to make a number of concessions and didn’t want to push his luck by including the provision for online gaming.

Many professionals in the gaming industry were somewhat disappointed by this news. However, others see it as an indication that many politicians remain diligent about promoting online poker. The fact that the Senate Majority Leader is looking for ways to legalize online poker is encouraging to the gaming industry.

Poker players and professionals in the industry understand the importance of gaining the support of members of Congress. However, there are some political challenges that may discourage regulation. These include concern over threats to cyber security and new technology that may need to be adapted to protect consumers. Industry experts and politicians supporting online poker understand that it may not be the best time to look for new ways to regulate the industry.

More immediate concerns over online poker are not centered on the game itself. They are focused on the threat online poker poses to state lotteries and Native American tribes which depend on casino revenue.

Understandably, many industry experts are upset that they payroll tax bill didn’t go through. However, others feel the responsible decision will be to wait until the other complications have been sorted out.

The bigger question on many people’s minds is whether the industry will be waiting for another bill to go to Congress or will be looking to push an online poker and/or casino bill forward as a stand alone measure.

Las Vegas Whales Prefer Baccarat

Las Vegas is attracting a lot of high stakes players who never think twice before splashing their money around. Their favorite game happens to be baccarat. In fact, baccarat high stakes players contributed to around 60 percent of the revenue raked in by the MGM Grand Casino last year. Playing baccarat happens to be a popular way to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The Las Vegas casinos call the above mentioned high stakes players “whales,” and according to the MGM Grand, it is impossible for casinos to make profits without the whales. They define a whale as a high stakes player who spends more than an average American family’s annual income at the gambling tables in just one night. And these whales prefer playing baccarat, which begin at wagers of $10k per hand.

According to statistics from Nevada, during the past year, casinos earned $1.27 billion from high stakes baccarat players while they earned only $1.03 billion from blackjack players. A point to be noted is that only 24 casinos offer 258 baccarat tables while 151 casinos offer 2,810 blackjack tables.

Slot machine games are also popular, and around 165,000 slot machine games are available at more than 330 locations such as gas stations, supermarkets, and airports.

D.C. Councilmembers Kill Online Gambling Bill

After a year of discussing the legality of the Internet gambling bill that passed in D.C. the district’s council members finally put its future to the vote on Tuesday. The council overwhelmingly decided to vote down the bill.

The council voted 10-2 against the Internet gambling program. After passing the vote, councilmembers effectively killed the contract for the city’s I-Gaming.

Jack Evans is the council member who sponsored the repeal. Evans said that he wants to make sure that the city should earn significant revenues from online gambling. Therefore, he wants to scrap the existing bill and start over.

Many council members stated that they didn’t really know what they were voting for when they signed the bill into law in 2010. When the bill was put before them, it was named I-Gaming. Council member Wells said that many of them didn’t even know that I-Gaming meant Internet gambling until the bill was passed. Many council members seem to have believed that it referred to public slot machines or another form of casino gambling.

Clearly, the overwhelming majority of them didn’t agree with the bill and decided to reform it. Mayor Gray also supports the decision to repeal the law.

Although instituting a new bill may bring more revenue to the city in the long run, it is going to come at a cost. Repealing the bill is expected to cost the city more than $13 million in potential revenue. However, the costs could be even higher if the lottery contractor decides to sue the city. Intralot spent close to $5 million creating an online gaming system.

Some city councilmembers are irritated by the way the vote was handled, because they feel it makes the entire council look incompetent. Councilmember Marion Barry said that the council already has a low approval rating and the fact that they have to explain to voters that they didn’t know what they were voting for doesn’t do a service to anyone.

Senate Hearing on Online Poker Concludes

The United States Committee on Indian Affairs has concluded its hearing last week. The Senate spent one and a half hours discussing the Justice Department’s new interpretation of the Wire Act and the implications it held for Native American tribes.

The committee called several witnesses, including Whittier Law School professor Nelson Rose. Rose is a Harvard law school graduate who has been teaching at Whittier for almost 40 years. Rose is a widely recognized expert in online gambling and has represented gaming regulators in Arizona, Delaware, Illinois and Texas.

Rose testified that the new interpretation of the Wire Act allowed Internet gambling to proceed on both an intrastate and interstate basis. Although most states have not begun to pursue legislation at this time, Rose states that there is currently no federal law that would prohibit them from doing so.

The more difficult question was assessing whether or not tribes could provide gaming services to anyone off of their own reservations. This topic was the center of the debate on online poker.

One of Rose’s colleagues, Alex Skibine of S.J. Quinney College of Law, stated that the new interpretation might depend on the existing compact between the tribes and the states they are based in. Some Native American tribes may be required to operate their online gaming enterprises only on their reservations.

Tribes supporting online poker gave testimony to ensure that they wouldn’t be left out of the potential gains of online poker. Robert Odawi Porter, a law professor from Syracuse and the President of the Seneca tribe, has stated that large gaming firms and regulators intend to take the market away from the tribes. Odawi insists that the tribes already own a substantial part of the Internet gaming market and shouldn’t be forced to give it up.

Patrick Fleming of the Poker Players Alliance was another key witness at the trial. Fleming stated that the new Internet poker laws won’t jeopardize tribal interests. Only about 1% of tribal gaming revenue comes from online poker.

However, the new ruling on the position of the Wire Act is becoming progressively more unclear to many lawmakers. Therefore, it is becoming harder for Congress to assess the impact these new developments will have on all relevant stakeholders. Therefore, many experts are calling for Congress to regulate the Internet gaming industry on a federal level to clear up the discrepancies.

Microgaming and DC Entertainment Make Licensing Deal

A new agreement has been reached between the software provider Microgaming and DC entertainment that will enable Microgaming to develop a series of video slots game based on The Dark Knight.

This deal provides Microgaming with the rights to create online games based on ideas, characters and other material from the movies The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

Enthusiasts of the Dark Knight may look out for these games from later on this year as the release of the first of these games is expected during the summer of 2012. As for a slot game based on The Dark Knight Rises, this is due to be introduced in 2013.

The film The Dark Knight is founded on the character of Batman that was created by DC Comics. Batman dates back as far as 1939 and yet the film The Dark Knight that was released in 2008 has proved to be a great hit in different places around the world. The next movie in this series, The Dark Knight Rises is due to be released in July.

Roger Raatgever, CEO at Microgaming commented “The Batman films are one of the most famous film series in the world, with Batman’s logo internationally recognized. To play our part in supplying online gaming software based on such a major and popular franchise is a great success for Microgming and our market-leading technology will ensure that the online slot games we produce for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises are reflective of the iconic nature of this brand.”

With more than ten years of experience in the field of online gaming software, Microgaming is today a market leader and provides its products to more than 160 sites around the globe.

Look out for The Dark Knight video slot later this year at Microgaming powered online gaming sites!

PPA Challenges Romney and GOP Candidates’ Opposition to Online Poker

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has stated that he opposes the legalization of online poker in the United States. The Poker Players Alliance has stated that Romney is severely misinformed over many of the issues.

Romney has stated that he is against legalizing online poker due to the social costs and the fact that people have a tendency to become addicted. Other GOP presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have also stated that they are opposed to the regulation of online poker as well.

The PPA states that Romney and his fellow GOP contenders are not aware of the measures the industry was taking to help players with gambling addictions and prevent minors from accessing the sites. They find it concerning that the prominent GOP candidates are so misinformed over the direction of legislation and the efforts that the industry is taking to mitigate these risks.

John Pappas said that Romney, Gingrich and Santorum appear intent on maintaining the status quo. They seem to question the ability of the industry to implement appropriate safeguards. Pappas also has greater concerns over the fact that these candidates appear to be unaware over the fact that players are already gambling online.

The PPA wants to make sure presidential candidates understand the fact that legislation would actually create a safer environment for players across the country. Pappas intends to advise Romney of the benefits that legalization will bring to the country.

Even if the PPA is able to convince Romney and the other GOP candidates of the safeguards that online poker will bring, they may face additional challenges advising them of the benefits of legalizing online poker in the United States. Santorum said that he doesn’t see any benefits from legalizing online poker and may have a difficult time seeing the effectiveness of any safeguards that are being implemented.

Ron Paul remains a strong supporter of online poker legislation. However, given his current polls, he is unlikely to be much benefit to the online poker industry. As Barack Obama is taking a neutral stance on online poker, the PPA intends to work on educating the GOP candidates on the direction of the industry and the necessary next steps.

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Players at the bet365 Casino may enjoy an attraction selection of games that includes slots, blackjack, poker, video poker and of course roulette! This online casino presents players with the chance to take advantage of different promotions and offers and enables gamers to play for amazing jackpot prizes.

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DC Council Debates Whether to Implement Online Gambling

The Council of the program in the United States. However, members of the Council have been unable to come to an agreement on whether the program should actually be implemented. Even if they decide to regulate online gambling, they are likely to face additional challenges as they create a framework.

Jack Evans is one of the most influential Councilmembers over the issue of online gambling. Evans has stated that he is not concerned with whether or not DC is the first government to regulate online gambling.

Other council members share Evans’s view. They are primarily concerned with ensuring regulation is pursued responsibly. The Council has a number of problems that it intends to address as it attempts to sort out the challenges it faces regarding online gambling.

One of the Council’s concerns was that Council Member Michael Brown may have had a conflict of interest as he was involved in regulations to promote online poker. Brown had served as an attorney for a law firm that had several clients in the gaming industry. However, the Council eventually found that Brown didn’t engage in any wrongdoing. The Inspector General’s official statement read that “the mere fact that a legislator who is associated with an entity that provides or performs work in a subject area that may be the subject of possible legislation under consideration … in and of itself does not constitute a use of public office for private gain.”

The Council must also assess the exact laws on the books and what impact online poker will have on the District of Columbia. Many council members argue that DC could use online poker as a source of revenue as it continues to struggle with an ever-growing deficit.