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Delaware Legislators Pass Online Gaming Bill

The state of Delaware has passed a new bill that would legalize intrastate gaming. The bill clears the way for online gaming firms to offer online poker, blackjack and slot machines to citizens and visitors in the state. Although the bill still hasn’t been signed into law, experts are optimistic that Gov. Markell will sign the bill when it comes to his desk.

Many experts are surprised with how long it is taking lawmakers to decide on the future of online gaming. The passing of the Delaware bill and new developments in California and New Jersey show that the regulatory environment are starting to gain steam.

The passing of the new bill in Delaware is one of the biggest landmarks in the movement to regulate online poker. Lawmakers have been considering the implications of legalizing online poker for months. Deleware is the second state to legalize online gaming, which may indicate that Americans want online gaming legalized.

Experts feel the new bill in Delaware could dramatically impact the gaming environment in surrounding states. Competition among casinos in the Middle Atlantic area has grown intense over the past several years. With the competition between casinos in the area and the expensive licensing fees, many casinos were starting to become concerned about their future.

The new bill could be the solution casinos are looking for. Under the new law, the state lottery will oversee the state’s online gaming operations. The proceeds the lottery generates will reduce the licensing fee to $7.75 million. Companies are expected to feel encouraged by the fact that the license fee will be less of a financial burden.

The law mandates that the state lottery create safeguards to limit online gaming to adults located within the Delaware area.

Delaware Secretary of Finance Tom Cook said the new decision will help preserve the state’s economy and create new jobs.

Online Poker Legislation Making Waves Across the Country

According to a new report by Ante Up Magazine, state lawmakers throughout the country are making considerable progress on enacting legislation on online poker. The report suggests that the country is fairly divided as to whether or not online gaming should be legalized.

About four states are making considerable progress on online gaming legislation. Nevada passed a bill that legalized online gaming right before Christmas. Support for the bill was unanimous, which was hardly surprising considering Nevada’s historic dependence on gambling. California, New Jersey and Delaware are all making headway in passing bills that could legalize online gaming. Although the race is tight, California expects to be the second state in the union to pass an online gaming bill.

While many state lawmakers are enthusiastic about enacting legislation that would legalize online gaming, others are concerned about the perceived perils it would bring to the country. Utah passed a bill that denied any form of online gaming under any circumstances. The bill said that Utah would not partake in online gaming, even if a federal law was introduced.

Online gaming bills have also been introduced in Hawaii, Mississippi and Massachusetts. The House of Representatives in each of these states shot down the bills. Although Mississippi and Massachusetts may try to pass another bill in the future, Hawaiian lawmakers don’t expect to pursue regulation any further.

Chris Moneymaker, winner of the 2003 World Series of Poker, is optimistic that online will be legalized in the near future. Moneymaker told reporters from Ante Up that the business is just too profitable for lawmakers to pass up. However, his dream may not come to fruition in many states as lawmakers continue to debate the risks online gaming presents to the American people.

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Free Bet Blackjack at the Golden Nugget

Blackjack fans looking to change up the pace can now try out the newest blackjack game Free Bet in Las Vegas, Nevada. Originally reported by, the rules and strategy of the game can be found at their Free Bet page.

Free Bet blackjack allows players to receive free double down bets on a hard 9-11 as well as free splits on all pairs except for 4’s and cards valued at 10’s. To counter balance the player’s edge with the free bets, if the dealer has 22 it is a push except for natural blackjack’s which are still paid 3-2.

The game has had a great reception with visitors of the wizard of vegas forums mentioning that they are the most lively blackjack games currently being dealt. Right now, the only casino dealing the Free Bet is Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas.

With the current enthusiasm for the game we believe many additional casinos will start dealing the new game. One likely candidate is Casino Royale in Las Vegas, they deal Blackjack Switch and seem to favor blackjack variations.  We have also found that no are dealing the game but we would not be surprised if they begin to offer the game as the level of interest in the game grows.

Nevada Gaming Regulators Interview William Hill

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is continuing to look through new applications for online gaming application. William Hill is a gambling firm based in the United Kingdom that has expressed an interest in running an online gaming firm in Nevada. The Gaming Control Board was very skeptical about William Hill’s plans to operate an online gaming platform in Nevada.

Regulators asked representatives from the firm a number of questions during a hearing on Thursday. Despite their concerns, the NGCB members gave William Hill a first round of approval on its application.

William Hill explained that its online gaming division was the fastest growing segment of its business. It showed the regulators a number of different web-based services it provided, including online poker and other forms of Internet gambling. While the company has posted impressive results, it has also involved itself with some partners that have raised some red flags.

William Hill has reportedly entered a joint venture with Playtech in efforts to take its gambling business global. Teddy Sagi, the founder of Playtech, was convicted of fraud and bribery charges 15 years ago. This has led to regulators to be concerned about the business practices William Hill itself is likely to engage in. In addition, Playtech and William Hill have reportedly had a few misunderstandings which could threaten the future of their business model.

The NGCB is also concerned that William Hill has promoted online gaming services to Americans after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed. They have also reportedly have had an issue following gaming laws in Australia and other jurisdictions.

Regulators are willing to push the application forward for the time being. However, the firm’s track record for adhering to regulations has caused some concern. They are going to see how things play out before making a final decision as whether or not to issue William Hill a license in the next few mont

Illinois Senate President Supports Online Poker

John Cullerton, president of the Illinois Senate, has become one of the largest proponents of online gaming legislation. Earlier this month, Cullerton stated that Illinois is going to become one of the leaders in online poker. He said he is committed to helping set the direction for regulation in the state.

Cullerton said that the bill could bring millions of dollars in revenue to Illinois. However, some of his colleagues are not as optimistic. Senate minority leader Christine Radogno is one of them.

Radogno said that the state shouldn’t pass Cullerton’s bill solely on the prospect of generating some revenue. She said that the state has to consider all implications the bill will bring to the state.

Cullerton said that he wants to create an online gaming division within the state lottery. This would allow the state to avoid the hassle of creating a new bill. If other lawmakers are willing to come on board, Illinois could become the first state to create an online gaming platform.

Cullerton believes Illinois could become a hub for online gaming throughout for the United States and the rest of the world. However, he insisted that the state would need to act immediately to take advantage of this opportunity. Cullerton has already drafted a bill entitled the Division of Internet Gaming.

Sources are not familiar with all aspects of the bill yet. However, Cullerton has said that anyone over the age of 21 can gamble online. Also, they can set limits on the amount of time and money they spend online. This last provision can help minimize the risks of them developing gambling addictions.

New Jersey Puts Online Poker Discussions Back on the Table

New Jersey lawmakers have resumed discussions on online gaming according to Legal Poker Sites. The State Assembly began deliberations on Monday afternoon with a discussion of a bill that would allow land based casinos to host online gaming portals.

Sen. Ray Lesniak is the author of a bill that is being considered by the Assembly. Lesniak told reporters that he was working closely with Sen. John Burzichelli to rewrite the two bills. When they are done, they hope the bills will look as identical as possible. That will make it easier for both parties to support them when they go to an Assembly vote.

While these new developments are encouraging to online gaming supporters, getting the bill signed into law is still a long shot. The State Assembly will have to pass these bills within the next two weeks. Even if they achieve this miracle, they still need to get the bill signed by Gov. Christie.

Will Christie support any online gaming bill that lands on his desk? Even the most optimistic supporters realize he is still a wild card. Christie has continually changed his stance on online gaming legislation and nobody knows where he currently stands. If Christie is considering being a running mate to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, then he may be inclined veto any bill the senate puts on his desk. On the other hand, he has also done everything he can to support a bill that could inspire economic growth and create new jobs in New Jersey.

Despite the challenges many experts believe that online gaming will be a reality in New Jersey as early as next year. Even some analysts in the United Kingdom with nothing to gain by the legislation argue that New Jersey is on the short list of states likely to pass an online gaming bill by sometime this year.

Governor Quinn Hints That He Would Veto Gaming Bill

Many experts have suggested that online gaming would be a good thing for the state of Illinois. John Cullerton, president of the state senate, said that he supports passing a bill that would legalize online poker within the state’s borders. Cullerton said that online gaming could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the state.

The successful implementation of the online lottery has shown many people throughout the state how much value online gaming could bring. However, some politicians still oppose legislation. Most notably, Gov. Quinn has said that he doesn’t think expanding online gaming would be a sound idea for his state.

The state senate has passed a new bill that would dramatically expand gambling throughout the state of Illinois. If passed, it would generate substantial new revenue for the state.

However, Quinn doesn’t seem as supportive of the bill as Cullerton and many other lawmakers. He didn’t make any comment on the future of the bill when discussions came up last week. However, Cullerton feels he is adamantly opposed to expanding gambling throughout the state and will veto the bill when it comes across his desk.

The topic of gaming casually came up in an unrelated event when Quinn was in Glenview. The governor told one of his supporters that no one should “hold their breath” on seeing Cullerton’s bill signed.

Quinn’s reluctance to approve the current gaming bill sheds some light on the future of online gaming for the Prarie State. Experts feel that it may be difficult to legalize online gaming during his term as governor.

Phil Helmuth Optimistic About California Online Poker Legislation

American poker legend Phil Helmuth plans to invest in online poker. Journalists have asked Helmuth if he intends to play in Nevada if casinos open up by years end. Helmuth said that the prospects of online gaming legislation in Nevada are promising, but he is really looking forward to potential legislation in California.

California stands to generate substantially more revenue than Nevada. In fact, Helmuth cited claims that it could generate more online gaming revenue than all of Italy.

While he longs for the day online poker is legalized in California, Helmuth acknowledged that it will be more difficult to get a bill passed in the Golden State. According to new polls, only about half of the state’s population wants to legalize intrastate online gaming.

The people of California have been concerned about the potential risks online gaming could bring to the citizens. Those concerns have become more pronounced since a new study found that online poker could be detrimental to America’s youth. According to new statistics, many teenagers are spending hours a day playing poker online. The people of California are particularly concerned that online gaming portals may not do enough to protect them from the dangers of online gaming.

In addition, California tribes are much more pessimistic about legalizing online gaming. Tribal councils argue that online gaming would violate treaties between themselves and the state. Lawmakers are trying to appease the desires of the Native American tribes, which will require them to reassess the current legislation they are trying to enact.

Despite the challenges, Helmuth is optimistic that California lawmakers will rise to the occasion and legalize online gaming. Helmuth and other online poker players see the market for online gaming in California has huge potential.