Fraternal Order of Police Join Online Poker Regulation Movement

Prominent members of law enforcement are joining the movement to legalize online poker in the United States. The former director of the FBI and the former chief of Homeland Security have both joined the Poker Player’s Alliance to show their support for the regulation of online poker. The Fraternal Order of Police has recently shown their support for the movement as well.

The lobbying group speaks for the wishes of over 300,000 law enforcement officers throughout the country. They have sent a letter to both members of Congress advocating the legalization of online gaming. The FOP said that legalizing online poker would enable law enforcement officers to shut down illegal gaming sites overseas that were taking advantage of U.S. consumers.

FOP president Chuck Canterbury signed the letter, saying that the current legal environment makes playing poker much more dangerous for consumers gaming online because they have no means of seeking restitution if they are taken advantage of.

Canterbury’s letter was addressed to the four leaders of Congress: Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi.

Some critics argue that the letter isn’t directed towards the legalization of online poker. Most bills proposed discuss the benefits regulation would bring to the table for states with struggling budgets or those fighting to create more jobs. However, the FOP made it clear that it’s only concern is protecting American consumers. However, their letter could be even more invaluable to the movement, considering they have no bias favoring online poker.

The Fraternity of Police understands that most politicians do not want to be caught changing their position on any issue, including online gaming legislation. The Order itself supported the 2006 bill that made all forms of online gambling illegal. However, given the Justice Department’s new interpretation of the Wire Act, the FOP feels changing their position will be the best way to protect the interests of Americans gambling online.