Is Online Gambling Legal in Canada ? Yes?!?

It looks like Canada won’t overlook the power of online gaming. Recently Quebec added an online gaming option to the province’s lottery, Loto-Quebec, likely in an attempt to cash in on what has been a profitable avenue for many other gaming operators.

Canada has a history of not supporting gambling. In the late 1800s, all types of gambling were prohibited but over the years laws have been relaxed and gambling has been introduced, but still on a much smaller and less raucous scale than in America.

Currently, there are many types of land-based gambling, including the national and province lotteries. But as far as online gambling, Canada is far behind the times. The country currently bans Canadians from operating online casinos, but Canadians are allowed to play at . Locals can’t benefit from those casinos, however (by running the casinos, for example).

But it looks like Canada will be amending some laws in order to allow online gambling. That means that operators of brick and mortar casinos or others interested in operating an online gambling portal can get licenses from the Canadian government that will give them the right to run this kind of business.

Loto-Quebec has already included online poker as part of its provincial lottery and it seems likely that other lotteries and online gaming portals will follow.