Italy Makes Available Live Online Casino Blackjack

players in Italy will now have something to celebrate about, since William Hill, one of the most reputed online gambling enterprises in Europe has decided to launch a live casino in Italy.

The new live casino will feature live blackjack games for players to get in on the action and blackjack fans will be sure to appreciate the rich live gaming experience and thrills of winning at such a table.

The new casino will also feature live roulette games along with some 20 other different games for players to enjoy.

According to the William Hill company, “William Hill gives players a huge number of tables and it will be impossible not to find a seat. One key element of the Live Casino is the dealers; real professionals who will dictate the rules of the game and bring it to life….There are no time limits to play as Roulette Live will be available 24-hours-a-day and Blackjack Live will follow soon. Playing online becomes life-like and you can experience the real emotion of being in a casino without living your home.”

What’s more, players will also be able to chat with other online blackjack gamers in real time, adding to the experience.