Kyl and Reid Rumored to be Collaborating on Online Gaming Legislation

Republican senator Jon Kyl from Arizona and democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are both working on bills to legalize online poker. Although the two come from very different sides of the fence on many issues, some industry insiders claim Reid and Kyl are working together.

Over the past several months, a number of rumors have surfaced that the two senators are collaborating on a bill that would legalize online poker. Although these rumors have not been substantiated at this point, that hasn’t stopped industry experts from wondering how such legislation would pan out.

On the one hand, a bipartisan bill could have a better chance of passing in Congress. However, industry experts have concerns as to what such legislation would mean. They believe that the bill would contain clauses that would not benefit the online gaming community.

The gaming community is particularly concerned with some of the measures Kyl would want to have included in an online gaming amendment. The gaming community has been skeptical of Kyl’s intentions regarding online poker. Kyl has been largely silent on the direction he would like to take online poker.

Another concern is that Kyl intends to leave office next January. Even if he enacted legislation that the online gaming community was willing to support, he would be around long enough to see it through. According to many opinions, the prospect of passing an online gaming bill by the end of the year is slightly over 50%.

The poker community is also skeptical of how Kyl and Reid’s bill would be accepted by the states. State governments are becoming more aggressive with federal lawmakers, arguing that they have the right to enact their own legislation.