Perfect Pair Bet Increases House Edge to 10 Percent

Some casinos give blackjack players the option of placing an optional Perfect Pair side bet. Blackjack players who feel that this is a great bet might want to reconsider their views before placing the Perfect Pair side bet. Blackjack experts are of the opinion that this bet has a high house edge.

Blackjack players will get a wide range of mixed pairs, but the perfect pair, comprising of cards of the same number and the same suit, is very rare, owing to which the Perfect Pair bet hardly gives players any value for their money.

Each casino offers a different payout structure, but even if one takes the example of a casino that offers six to one for mixed pairs, twelve to one for colored pairs, and twenty-five to one for perfect pairs, the house edge of such a bet is more than six percent.

Blackjack is actually a player friendly game with a house edge lower than 1 percent, but if players make the mistake of placing the extra Perfect Pairs bet, the house edge shoots up to 10 percent.

Casinos also offer a bet called Super 7s, which similarly increases the house edge to 11 percent and should be avoided.