Seminole Casino Hiring Coco Girls as Casino Dealers

While some casinos in the US are looking to hire blackjack dealers to help expand their casino offerings with more blackjack tables to bring in player traffic, and casino ambassadors to help players feel welcome, the Coconut Creek Casino is trying to do kill two birds with one stone.

In a move that may prove to be a winner, this Seminole Casino is not looking to hire your regular blackjack dealer. Instead, and in a throwback to many other casinos, they are looking for “Coco Girls” to serve both as casino ambassadors and blackjack dealers.

The Coconut Creek Casino has been involved in a $150 million expansion and has been hiring a lot of staff. It s plans to hire Coco Girls and then train them as blackjack dealers. These girls will also have to appear in photo shoots and videos promoting the casino. Naturally, we can assume that all these Coco Girls will be very attractive, since one of their job requirements will have them pose for shoots.

As per the casino rules, the Coco Girls will have to be 18 years and older and have a great personality. They must also know how to dance. The candidates will then be trained as blackjack dealers and will get jobs once they pass the test.