Sen. Lesniak Confident His Gambling Bill Will Pass

New Jersey lawmakers anticipate voting on an online poker bill authored by Raymond Lesniak. The bill is expected to go to vote in the Senate on May 31. Lesniak originally stated that online poker would be legalized in New Jersey by the beginning of September. However, that timeframe was built on the assumption that lawmakers would be voting on the bill sometime in April.

Although the bill will come to a vote later than expected, Lesniak said that he is confident the bill will eventually go through. If the bill moves forward according to his projections, New Jersey could see online gaming sometime before December.

Lesniak said that there is still overwhelming support for online poker in New Jersey. He argues that the delay in the legislature was due to many lawmakers going on a brief sabbatical this month. The last thing Lesniak wants to do is push the measure to a vote without all the democrat senators around. He said that the bill was well received in both the House and the Senate. More importantly, it may not face the same demise as the previous bill when it goes to Christie’s desk.

Lesniak has worked hard to make sure that the bill was tailored properly. However, he doesn’t want to leave any room for error. Democratic senators tend be more likely to support online gaming bills. Therefore, Lesniak and his colleagues decided that it would be prudent to hold a vote when all senators were back for a vote.

Although online gaming legislation has made a lot of progress over the past year, Gov. Christie is still a wildcard that Lesniak will need to contend with. Christie has warmed up a little to the idea of legalizing online poker. However, he is still a little hesitant to move forward with a bill without ensuring it satisfies all federal and sta