Slot Machine Manufacturers Preparing for Online Gaming Legislation

The legalization of online gaming is going to change the business models of every firm in the gaming industry. Slot machine manufacturers have been nervous that legalizing online poker would threaten their business model. However, they have now started considering online gaming as an opportunity. A number of slot machine makers are now expanding their business online.

Slot machine manufacturers are now thinking of new ways to take their business models online. Firms such as International Game Technology are looking to take their technology online. They clearly want to profit off of any legislation that comes out of Washington or state governments. The question is how far they much they want to profit off of it.

For the moment, IGT and most of its customers said that they are solely interested in creating slot machine systems for online gaming sites. However, many investors and industry experts speculate they may go a step further. They could end up creating their own online gaming sites and competing in the online gaming sphere themselves.

Although some companies may be considering entering the online gaming market, many claim they are content to simply provide systems for their clients. WMS Industries representatives said they are optimistic about providing new technologies for online gaming portals.

Orrin Edidin, president of WMS Industries, said that the firm has made considerable progress creating online gaming solutions. He is confident that his firm is creating superior solutions for their customers. They hope they will be able to take advantage of many great opportunities.

Social casino gaming is becoming more popular. However, social gaming firms feel the real opportunities will come from online gaming regulation, especially at the federal level. Many groups have taken a stake in it and slot machine firms are likely to look for new opportunities in the coming months.