Utah Governor Asks Congress to Block All Online Poker Bill

Gov. Herbert of Utah hasn’t made it a secret that he is against legalizing online poker. He signed an anti-gambling bill last month, which gives Utah the option to opt out of any federal legislation that would legalize online poker. However, Herbert isn’t just against regulating online poker in Utah.

Herbert has stated that he is against any bill that would legalize online poker in the United States. This past week he has reached out to congressional leaders in Washington. He hopes that he will be able to keep them from passing any law that would regulate any form of online poker at the federal level.

Herbert sent letters to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker John Boehner. He acknowledges that the Justice Department’s new position on the Wire Act grants individual states the right to decide whether or not to legalize online gaming within their borders. His letter asks that the Congress respect the right of states to set their own direction for online gaming.

Although Herbert is clearly against Congress forcing the hands of state legislators by passing an online gaming bill, many contenders are likely to argue that his position is moot. The bill Herbert and the Utah House signed proves that individual states can choose to opt out of any federal regulation.

Herbert and other opponents to online gaming may be concerned about confining gambling addictions to individual states. An article written in the Kansas City Star earlier this week also stated that America is slowly being turned into a nation of gamblers.

However, members on both sides are starting to feel that the chances of online gaming passing in Washington are growing steadily.